Your product images are worth more than 1000 words, they’re worth 1000 more online sales

Online shopping is a process of discovery. We built engaging experiences that fill in the details and answer consumers’ unspoken questions.

We create images with context as consumers shop with their eyes. Words can describe how a product might be used, but 360 degree photography shows it in action, providing visual information essential to making a purchasing decision.

Product pages are the most important piece of marketing on any website. Like a great sales rep, your product pages must be fluent in your products and in line with your customers’ expectations. Images need to be the trigger that helps a customer progress from product discovery to making a purchase.
360° photography provides the consistency and transparency necessary to increase trust, break down barriers to purchase, build brand loyalty, and ultimately increase conversions and revenue.


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Plan Your Shoot

Decide whether you need a simple 360 spin,

or a 360 x 90 spin to show an overhead view.

Choose whether to include different available options.

We Shoot The Product

In most cases you courier the product to us.

We can shoot on location if necessary.

Creating Your Product Spin

We create your product spin using your company branding, fonts and styles. We upload the completed spin to the YourTour360 server.

Product Spin Complete

We send you the coding to embed your product spin in to your website.

It’s simple, and seamless.

Case Study:  Product spin (F10 safety helmet)

When your life depends on the products you buy, or when your colleagues are trusting you to make the best choices to keep them safe, the more information you can get about a product the better.  A local New Zealand manufacturer, whose safety helmets are used by emergency services all around the world, contacted us as they were planning to revamp their company website.

Knowing that the people who risk their lives to save ours really only deserve the best, we pulled out all the stops with their product spin.  You can admire the latest helmet design from all angles, zooming in to such important details as the stitching and finish of the product without losing the high quality resolution of the image.

Want to see what the helmet looks like with the visor down?  No problems – just select the alternative view from the side buttons.  Checked out the visor, but can’t picture how it works in conjunction with the safety glasses that are built in to the helmet?  Again, not a problem as there is a complete product spin to show those in action as well.

The manufacturer decided against having a full product spin for each of the colourways that are available – with more than ten possible colours they decided that it was a little over the top – but we did create a second variation using one other colour, just to give people a flavour of what was available.

Job done!  And as well as another satisfied customer, we are happy knowing there will be another generation of emergency workers globally who work in greater safety because a New Zealand brand could showcase its products to the rest of the world.

Case Study:  product spin (Footloose Shoes)

Footloose Shoes is a popular shoe boutique, specialising in top quality footwear.  The franchisees are always looking for a point of difference to help their products stand out from the crowd, and so one enlisted our help.

She supplied us with a pair of shoes from her new season range, and our photographer disappeared into the product studio.  A short while later the images had been downloaded to the computer for the post-production magic to happen.

The end result is a dynamic image, showcasing the shoes to best advantage and allowing prospective customers to view them from all angles.  It’s the next best thing to being in the shop and picking up a pair in your hands to look at the slant of the heel or examine how the reflective t-bar sets off the fashionable colour of the leather.

Case Study: product spin (Bumble bee bag cake)

A cake is a cake is a cake, right?

But what if you create amazing cakes that seem to defy gravity, stand at impossible angles and look good enough to take on holiday with you, never mind eat!

When a local company approached us with their incredible creations we knew that a product 360 spin was the only way to really demonstrate the jaw-dropping nature of their cake decorating skills and do their technical expertise the justice it demanded.

As each creation was only available for a matter of hours between completion and delivery to their own clients, we actually transported our custom-built product turntable and other studio equipment right to their kitchens and spent a day of sugary loveliness capturing the hand-crafted details of their marzipanned masterpieces.

So you could say a cake is a cake is a cake, right up until it is a piece of carryon luggage in the form of a bumble bee!

Case study:  product spin (Racing car bed)

The thrill and excitement of shopping for a first “big boy’s” bed is a fond memory for many parents.  It is quickly replaced, however, with the reality of walking around endless furniture shops, often with a reluctant toddler (or partner) in tow.

This was the scenario that prompted one furniture retailer to contact us when they introduced a new line of novelty children’s beds to their store.

Getting a full-sized single bed onto a turntable, and turning it through a precise number of degrees for each photograph in the series, was something of a technical challenge to begin with.  Some careful planning and a can-do attitude meant that our photographer’s day out in the furniture shop was complete success and the finished product spin was a big hit with the retailer.

He particularly liked the pop-up information windows which enabled him to point out some of the bed’s features to his customers without cluttering the screen with intrusive text.

Happy retailer and happy customers, being able to make decisions about furniture purchases while their little angels were tucked up in bed rather than bouncing on all the beds in the shop!


Case Study:  Product spin (Oscar juicer)

Still photos are perfectly acceptable as a marketing tool, but when your product has several different attachments and comes in more than one colour choice it can make for a large 2D photo gallery on your website – and sometimes one angle just doesn’t properly show you how the components go together.

This was the challenge that the importer of a brand of juicing machines brought to us.  The solution was a perfectly simple one – show the product several times with all combinations of attachments and in both colour combinations.  Instead of a mega-gallery of still shots, we produced just one main spin image that could be altered to show each of the colour/attachment variations.

Now you can see the juicing machine in colour 1 with the juicing attachment or with the pasta-making attachment before admiring both the attachments and deep-shine finish of colour option 2 – all at the click of a button on your digital device.

Twist it, turn it, spin it clockwise or anticlockwise.  You’ll definitely be able to decide if this wonderful machine will fit on your kitchen bench, and which colour will suit your interior design the best.